About - Richard Maguire

My zeal for photography started a long time ago with a beautiful blue Polaroid Zip (enter the way-back-machine if you remember THAT one.) Many film cassettes and flash cubes later, my photography got a financial boost when I joined the Navy after high school (Go Cheney) and picked up my still functioning Canon AE-1. My AE-1 served me well for the next ten years, taking great images during my time in the Navy and on into college. While at school, I married my sweetie and found plenty of things to photograph. I took a course in black and white photography, and hours in the darkroom experiencing the wonder of film almost got me to change my major. Lucky for me, a wise photography professor suggested a career in engineering would allow me loads of time to take pictures while providing enough cash to buy better gear. He was certainly right!

I’ve been fortunate to shoot portraits, families, head shots, sports, music, theatre, and a wedding, and I’ve taught photography at an arts camp for the last few years. I’m comfortable shooting in natural light and with speedlites, and I have enough professional gear to grab studio or location shots.

For me, the best photography happens when both the images and our time together are memorable. If you have need of photography services in the Spokane area, send me a note and I’ll treat you to coffee where we can chat about what you have in mind.

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